Premium Spermidine Supplement
Premium Spermidine Supplement

Premium Spermidine Supplement

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Made in the USA.Vegan.Lab tested.GMP certified.Made in an FDA registered facility.Japan Health Food and Nutrition Food Institute certified.

Note to our Canadian customers: we are temporarily fulfilling Canadian orders from the US, and due to import regulations, you will be charged customs fees if more than 1 order is placed within a 90 day period.

Benefits of our Spermidine Supplement

  • Beauty: Improved hair growth and fullness (including eyelashes) and strengthened nails
  • Healthy aging: spermidine works to support brain and heart health
  • Sleep: Our spermidine supplements help with age-associated sleep disruption.
  • Longevity: Spermidine is a potent polyamine-rich compound known for for boosting autophagy which is the body's cellular renewal and recycling process that slows as we age. It’s found in high quantities in the diets of some of the longest-lived people in the world. 

How To Use

We recommend taking our spermidine supplement with liquid at mealtime. You can also open the capsules and mix the contents with a cold or room temperature drink or smoothie.


Our spermidine supplement contains concentrated wheat germ and is not suitable for individuals with Celiac disease or wheat allergy. It may not be suitable for individuals diagnosed with SIBO. Please consult your healthcare practitioner.

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