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A series: Health-promoting practices from around the world - HOT & COLD edition

If you’re like us, one of your favorite topics of conversation is health and well-being. You find yourself looking for, talking about and sharing the latest and greatest “hacks”; be that a device, a supplement or a practice. This is how we start our daily team meetings, simply sharing what we have recently tried or learned about (that cannot be just us!?). Since we come from all corners of the world -with Japanese, British-Indian, American-Chinese, French, Bahraini, American and Colombian team members, we are a truly distributed team-, we love sharing our favorite health-promoting practices and thought we would include you in the conversation… starting with the temperature-related practices! If you took a screenshot of our Zoom room, you would...

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How the Japanese start the New Year

Japan is famous for its long-lived, health conscious  population, and this is in part due to their food-as-medicine approach, and their traditions around the New Year are no different. These are two Japanese traditions (featuring high levels of spermidine, of course!) practiced at the beginning of the year that support detoxification and optimum nutrition.

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